We use Harley Hot Wax for all sensitive areas. An oil is applied to the skin before wax, this causes less irritation and pain. The wax shrink wraps itself to the hair, not the skin. It is suitable for all hair types, but best of all LESS PAINFUL THAN TRADITIONAL STRIP WAX. The Harley Wax System uses only the finest natural ingredients, delivering superior results. Therapists have over 15 years experience between them in intimate waxing.

Full Leg £20
Half Leg £12
Forearms £10
Back £16
Chest £20
Eyebrow £7
We use traditional strip wax for the above areas
Lip or Chin £6
Bikini £12
Underarm £10
Brazilian £22
Hollywood £26

Full Leg and Bikini £25
Lip, Chin and Eyebrow £16
Lip and Chin £10
Half Leg, Bikini and Underarm £28


Eyebrow £7
Lip or Chin £6
Sides of face £12
All of above £25

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